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Why a duck?


A newspaper put out a call for pet photos and caption to be printed in a special section. I politely asked if I might submit a drawing instead of a photo. They agreed. My submission is below. It did not see print. Go figure.










“John Quincy Duck was left unable to fend for himself in the wild by hordes of bread throwing visitors to his pond. After being rescued by the Center for Mallard-justed Waterfowl, he was taken in by a kindly country cartoonist. He now lives a comfortable life deep in the heart of suburbia where he enjoys pizza, skittles and daytime TV. He thinks “The View” just isn’t the same since Barbara Walters left.”

A clean sweep.

The Press Club of Long Island announced it’s 2014 Media Award winners.

I won all three places in the “Visual Media: Cartoons” category.

First Place, “Manufacturing”, from the Long Island Business News.
Second Place, “Liquid Natural Gas Fireball”, from the Massapequa Observer.
Third Place, “Common Core”, From Newsday.




Second best cartoon in NY.

Last weekend the New York Press Association held their annual Spring convention and 2013 Better Newspaper Contest. I’m pleased to be among Anton Community Newspaper’s winners. I placed second for editorial cartooning with this entry, which ran in the Port Washington News on the Dec. 6th 2013.

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