Snow kidding

The nature of how and where I’m published usually means I trail current events. Not this time.

Here’s my cartoon published in the May 9th edition of Newsday.



On May 14th, Newsday ran a story headlined: “Islanders selling ‘ice’ from final game at Nassau Coliseum

The lede of the story is, and I quote:

“It may be the most expensive bottle of water in New York.

The Islanders are selling melted ice – i.e. water – from the Nassau Coliseum’s final meltdown before the Isles move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn next season.

The cost? Twenty dollars (plus shipping and handling). There’s a limit of five tubes per order.”

It seems to me someone owes me a cut, or a few bottles of “ice”, at least. I’ll wait.