Nice Things Said

“Matt is a fantastic editorial cartoonist who consistently turns out top-notch, witty, expertly crafted work for our community newspapers. He is also very friendly, personable, and easy to work with.”
– Amy Wink Krebs
Communications Director/Sales Consultant
New York Press Association

“I literally laughed out loud on that one, spraying a little bit of wine on my baby. Nice. Now she smells like Chianti.”
– Tracey Lyn @

“Matt Bodkin’s cartoons have the humor of Mark Twain, Lenny Bruce and Robin Williams with a drawing style reminiscent of Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell & Leonardo Da Vinci. I’m sorry I was mistaken. It’s the humor of Van Gogh, Rockwell and Da Vinci with the drawing style of Twain, Bruce, Williams. Nevermind.”
-Dan @